get JAXON is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, and producer who has captured the ears of listeners for a while. With his first release “Warning: Catchy” in 2010 Jaxon dived deep into a rock sound. Next, in 2014 he released “Life With Oxygen” a full-length pop/rock album. With 14 songs and a hybrid of styles, people caught on to his new sound. Raised in the rural hills of Sonoma, California Jaxon grew up on the pioneering legends of southern blues and soul. As a result, his love for songwriting and melodies became his identity. Observing the world with fresh eyes, GET JAXON’s music is an invitation to embrace the world, get hooked on music with the people you love, and embrace the unconventional. Described as hyper-melodic, catchy, and prolific, people wake up to his music in their heads. Reach out and stay tuned for some exciting updates in 2020.


Don’t let my bio fool you, I write all the text on here, and built the damn site. 🙂 I’ve always been a huge believer in doing it yourself. So what’s this all about? Music. Lot’s of it, directly from me to you. I’ve been independently releasing albums, music videos, and experiences for a long time. Giving my biggest fans early access to releases, collaborations, and a view into my songwriting, media, and production world is what I want.


In these oddly distant times, we’re gonna get weird online… obviously. From live streams, I’m in the planning phases of a music-making live stream and podcast. Stay tuned for an official announcement on that.


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