“Life With Oxygen has something for everybody, I play it constantly!”

~ Miles Levin – Award-Winning Filmmaker

“Adorned with a gold fork medallion around his neck, Rosenfeld mingled with the crowd before the show while tuning up a Fender Telecaster strapped to his body like an extra appendage. “Jaxon is an innovator- All of his songs are layered with lush production and attention to detail. He’s a Renaissance man for a new millennium.” she said.”

~ Jeanine Flaton-Buckley

“He soon got interested in the recording process when he and a family friend set up a garage studio. At 13, he formed his first group, Collision Point. Wanting to perform his own songs, Rosenfeld teamed up with fellow teen classmates.”

~ Paul Kilduff – SF Gate

“He’s been writing songs since he was 1 or something, so I’m not surprised when I hear his new tracks how much thought has been put into them.”

~ Spencer Burrows 

“This line here… What does it mean??”

(in conversation) ~ Billy Steinberg / Songwriter of “Like A Virgin”

“So melodic and theatrical, you’d think some of these songs were made for a musical.”

 ~ Grace H.

“When I first heard him sing, I thought of Billy Joel. That was a good sign.”

~ Joy Graysen – Professional Vocal Coach


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